Meet The Family

I first started out making lip balm in 2001 to sell in my Mom’s retail store
in Alaska. As years went by, and people became more interested in my products,
I branched out into selling wholesale.
So Cold Nose Gifts was born.
From there the doggy cookbook came about, then into the dog bandannas.
My products can be found in stores all over Alaska, down into Oregon
and even out into Colorado.
In 2019 I decided to rename the company “Brookhaven Gifts”
Today, the company has branched out into more products like soap and candles.

Averill is a Tlingit Indian of the Chilkoot tribe in Haines,  Alaska.
Her grandmother used to make moccasins and sell them to local shops.
Her great grandmother, Bessie, opened “Dedman’s Photo Shop” in 1924
in Skagway, Alaska. The shop passed from Bessie’s daughter Barbara
and then to Averill in 1992.

This was the store that started it all. Products were made and sold right
in Dedman’s until it branched out into wholesale.
She is Megan’s Mom and wife to Tom.
Today, Averill is head of sales at Brookhaven Gifts.

Tom likes to think he’s the brains of the company. However, one look at his profile picture should dispel that notion.
He’s actually the backbone of the company (and by backbone, I mean we make him do all the heavy lifting and hauling big packages).

Tom retired from computer IT and communications work many years ago and has been under foot at the company ever since.
If you need to call us for any reason, he’s probably the one answering the phone that day. Don’t worry, he’s capable at handling your call.

A father, husband and all around pain in the backside. But we love him and keep him around. He makes us laugh with his corny jokes and quirky sense of humor



Our 3 beloved dogs. The inspiration behind all of our doggy products. They are models for our bandannas and food critics for all our canine goods. If THEY don’t like them, we don’t sell them.