Welcome to Brookhaven Gifts
(formerly Cold Nose Gifts)




Why the change you ask? Around 2003, we were sitting one cold winter’s day in Alaska trying to come up with a name for our lip balm company.  Now if you’ve ever spent a winter there, you can understand how harsh that environment can be. You basically put your long johns on around Oct 15th and remove them sometime in April (give or take a month).
As we threw out different names, we kept coming back to the “cold” and how your “nose” just doesn’t thaw out ’till spring.
So, on a whim, we came up with “Cold Nose Gifts”. And it stuck.

Here we are in 2020.

You’re probably saying “Get to the name change”.

Here’s the thing. Over the years whenever we would tell someone that our company name was “Cold Nose Gifts”, they usually did not equate it to Alaska, but rather assume we only carried “Dog” items, which was ironic since we didn’t produce any dog merchandise until years later.
We have however, over the years, ventured into products for animals (like our dog bandannas and doggy cookbook), but mostly from happenstance and the love for our own critters.
The past year has moved us into even more products like our soaps, lotions and candles.
So rather than have to explain the name “Cold Nose”, we thought it behooved us to come up with a more fitting name for the company (or at least a less misconstrued one).

Why Brookhaven”?
The house we purchased in 1999, has a little brook running alongside of it.
So the name “Brookhaven Gifts” is a tribute to our home.

The name has changed, but the ownership has not. It is still owned and run by the same family that started it.
(see “meet the family“)

We expect 2020 to be a very exciting year for us, as we have greatly expanded our product lines and made significant changes to our existing merchandise (like new graphics and barcode labels for everything)

We would like to express our love and thanks to all of our patrons.
You can still contact us on Facebook or through our contact form.